Chicks Man


We had to leave the chicks at home. 

Turns out you can’t travel with livestock. Boo.

You remember the chicks right? You know the chicks that we are hatching as part of Jacob’s science curriculum. Prior to leaving, we built them a brooding area for after they hatch. Jacob was quick to point out that we have a predator in the house, Skipper (the dog), so we made it in the guest shower.  I’m sure you are thrilled to be our next guest!

And it is only days until they hatch. The anticipation is pretty intense.

Jacob wants everyone to know that when they hatch they use their “beak tooth” a tooth that chicks have just for the purpose of breaking its egg. It falls off a day later. We learned this in our chick research. Not sure who is more excited about the newest Brody members, but I know who isn’t. Steve is not such a fan of this idea. He felt that dealing with pediatric cancer was enough and we didn’t need another responsibility like farm animals.

But here we are:) Not only do we have chicks, but a chick sitter! Colby is watching our chicks. Can’t have them hatch alone!

Obviously, Jacob and I are bummed that our trip fell during the chick hatching, but we have a chick cam to watch all the action. Watch with us  HERE. Password: Chickcam1

I think I always wanted to say that. “Hey, man check out my chick cam.” 

So soon we will have chicks man. 

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