EAT…pray, love

So I’m rethinking a lot of things over here. 

I know I said that Elizabeth Gilbert had it wrong. That this whole EAT, PRAY, LOVE remedy to a crisis was selfish and ridiculous, that running away from your problems doesn’t solve anything. Well… maybe she was right. Or maybe she had some of it right.

I’m into the eat part.

I eat whatever the fuck I want. All-day and night. I eat until it hurts.

I’m committing to her methodology.  As you can tell, I’m on phase 1, EAT.

Are you too trying this? If so where are you?

Anyone ahead? How do you move to pray? Or do you just eat until it doesn’t hurt? When does that happen? I can’t fit into my jeans. Is that part of the process?

But I’m staying true to the process. No quitter over here. So far so good. It does make me happy. I feel no need to pray so I’m assuming I’m not ready to move on. Or does praying to baked goods count? Is that how phase 2 starts? Any intel appreciated. 

I wanted to share the journey with you, but of course, Steve and I are way too committed to our EAT journey to take a breath to take a photo. I only remembered at the end, but this feels more appropriate. 

More reflective of our commitment to phase 1. 

So we EAT.

Now we will add schnitzel to our list. Vienna we have landed to eat you up!

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