My reading list

You control my reading list. 

You do.

It’s just the way the WordPress app works. When I login,  I see the posts that people are reading and only read those for the day. It’s my daily reading list.

Therefore, I only read, what you read.

And while there are 252 posts (if that isn’t a crazy person number, I don’t know what is), the posts that you are reading are the most recent ones. That makes sense. Even if you stumble upon my blog for the first time, there is no way you will go back 200 posts. You may go back to the first post for context, but that’s it. However, a strange thing is going on.

Everyday one person out there reads “Cancer rhymes with answer” post. 

I wrote this post on June 26th, over 3 months ago. There is nothing special about this post, with the exception that every single day this post someone reads. Sometimes it doesn’t happen until 11PM, but then, boom, there it is. Every day without fail.

How weird.

So I read this post everyday. 

And I’m intrigued. 

Who are you reader? I want to know everything about you. I want to know why? Why this post? Do you like rhymes? Or do you believe it is more? 

Or is it different people every day? 

But what are the odds? Of all of the posts. Why this one? Why every day?

But I thank you reader, especially lately. It has been the one light in a room of dark. Who would have thought that when I wrote it. I was documenting telling Jacob he had cancer and this is now a light in my day. Again…its all relative.

And maybe because I read it daily, it feels true. Multiple exposure theory at its best. Even with all the betrayal, this I believe in. Not just that cancer rhymes with answer, but that every problem has a solution. I do believe that cancer will be cured. I know it will be cured. And in my gut I believe it is right in front of us or hidden in the bush.

The question is WHEN. It’s time that is scary. It’s time that keeps me up at night. 

That fucking clock. Always back.

And what saddens me is that the more I live in this world, the more I understand why time is standing still. NO ONE TALKS. Every hospital has their way. Every scientist their hypothesis. Humans will cure cancer one day. The only thing standing in their way…their own humanity, our limitations of ego and pride.

But thank you reader. Thank you for reminding me that there is a cure somewhere. This gives me hope. Everyday I read a bit of hope. 

You made me do that. 

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