True Heroes

Here’s a factoid.

There are epic women who have walked these steps before me and still walk.

Some I bet may jog or even run. I’ve seen them. Some from afar and others come and sit next to me, as one did today.

I am in awe of these women (to put it mildly).

Many have done this with worse math and harder circumstances. Can you imagine doing this with a newborn?! People have. Can you imagine doing this without a spouse or family nearby ? Or in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language? People do. I see a woman who never has help or company at the hospital. And some parents have longer days than already 14 hour days, as they wait for interpreters to understand the health of their child. 

But they all walk.

And none of these women wear headbands. Clearly. 

These women are remarkable. I want to be one so bad. 

What sucks is that I wish I could just call them out right here. Give them a real thank you. Names written in gold. But I can’t. Mainly as many of them I’ve never met in person and that doesn’t feel right. Like “Heather Neuroblastoma” (that is her name in my phone), we only text, and (obviously) I don’t know her last name to even call her out. And I don’t know how many are in hiding or would rather not have their name given. So I will name them in code.

To you,

Heather Neuroblastoma for being the first woman to reach out to me in the waiting room. Who will text me tips especially on how get your child to come back from immunotherapy.

Scarlett’s mom for being my rock through this entire process. A real friend. Screw that! Best friend.

C.’s mom for telling me it is okay when you have just relapsed and walk back into this hospital with confidence and a hope that I will cling to

Neuroblastoma Facebook Group for all the insider information for us moms and the words of courage from survivor parents who post high school graduation pictures.

Ms. James a mom who continues to fight for cancer. Who without knowing me offers her time, resources and hope.

Mark a dad who lost his daughter and founded the Band of Parents. Who picks up the phone every time I call.

And there are more. So many more.

Most of you I’ve never met in person, but know that you are my heroes. And I only wake up today knowing that if I do, I can be closer to being like you.

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