Biggest deal on hold

I would like to think that life isn’t a war.

I’m not a fan of war and have never thought of it that way. Man versus man. A battle of resources. A battle of life, but that is what it seems from this hospital to the board room to the battle field around the globe. War.

And here I am in war for years.

I always thought life was about connection and that good wins over evil. And I felt that with good deals you can beat it all. That by doing good you will get good. 

And this whole time I’ve been planning on how to turn this evil into good. I’ve been planning on the greatest deal of all time, but I have to shelve it. I have no choice and this makes me sad. I’m not a quitter. But I’ve accepted my reality and right now I can’t do good, my role is to only fight. I can’t even take a meeting to move this deal forward.  

I can’t even express how sad this makes me.

BUT I record it here to not forget it. I record this deal for I wish to pick it up one day and see it to fruition as I think this is me BEST deal ever.  Or rather put my biggest deal of all time. 

What makes this deal the best deal is that it’s not just a WIN WIN WIN deal but it’s a WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN. Yes that is seven wins and honestly there may be more. How could that be you say?! Read on sister!

Imagine this…

The United States erupting in song and dance as the sky lights up with fire. Think of people no matter their political affiliation, celebrating this incredible country by uniting against a common enemy and dancing on behalf of those who can’t. Think of city centers of kids and adults all dancing the same dance moves.  It will be a time to remember that this is a country that can do anything and will solve cancer, because that is what we do, we are a country of firsts. And what a moment of healing for all.

It starts in May with a viral video of doctors, nurses and pediatric cancer patients from hospitals all over the world erupting in dance. This dance is a child-friendly repetitive series of moves (with of course free styling moments). Instead of movie and music stars being featured, our youth will see doctors and children of incredible strength. The nation will be reminded that this fight of cancer is still raging on and attacks young, old, rich, and poor.  

The video will invite everyone to dance this dance for America, our country, by participating in the largest flash mob in human history. All in the name of those who are fighting the fight against cancer. All you need to do is tune into the Marcy’s 4th of July fireworks. There is no money needed to participate,  just a desire to be part of history. Sleep away camps across the nation will participate and send in their videos to the site. And you too can even from your living room.

Across the nation, there will be survivor gatherings, honoring them. It will be the public health awareness event in history. We will celebrate how far our country has come while also reenergizing the fight. We will celebrate the good not the ugly. We will celebrate what we as Americans have in common, our humanity, rather than yell about our differenes.

And one very special friend of Nightwing suggested we produce the entire event in Fortnight allowing our digital youth to participate in their way. LOVE.

Where I am on this:

  • Have had multiple calls and emails with the band and management of Journey. In the process of getting licensing for “Don’t Stop Believing!” This is happening.
  • Sloan Kettering has given okay to bring in professional camera crews to film children, nursing, and doctors
  • Multiple emails with Macys…they are unresponsive. VERY frustrating. Basically giving them free PR.


WIN- Macy’s. People across the nation will tune into their event. All they need to do is make one of their 4th of July fireworks song “Don’t Stop Believing.” Extra Bonus if they use gold fireworks during that song (color of pediatric cancer)

WIN- Medical Community. We need to make doctors and nurses the heroes. Make them look cool. Just having ONE child want to become a doctor after this event would be a win

WIN- Children with cancer. Let them shine!

WIN- Journey. Don’t Stop Believing will have younger generations dancing, they will download this song

WIN- The country. Enough bipartisan conversations. There is no NRA of cancer

WIN- Cancer Fight. As Steve and I embark on this journey to cure cancer we have learned that money is a small piece of this puzzle. We need our youth to enter the field of medical sciences and not give up on this fight.

WIN- Humanity. Doing something for others!

I get the chills thinking about it. It was truly the thing that kept me going these last few months. Thinking about having Jacob cancer free watching the sky light up gold as the nation erupts in dance and remembers the fight. I thought this was the meaning of the whole thing. That there was a silver lining. That this event was it. That Jacob’s cancer helped bring awareness, a cure, and bring joy. I think about the energy being released in the world. I think about this country shutting the fuck up about Trump’s antics for a minute and thinking about others in need. 

I just love it. 

I hope to see it one day.

But for the first time I’m going to say something. I cannot execute it. I don’t have the ability. It frustrates me to my core. But maybe someone can. Maybe someone will read this and say, this I can do. Maybe…

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