Battle Mode

The rebound was faster this time. 

The research about the more times you fall the faster you pick yourself up turns out to be true.

I fell, but now I’m up.

It was the”chemo-resistant” part that took me down. Chemo resistant cancer in the bones are not the words anyone wants to ever hear. Those in the past were words that could only be followed by silence. As cancer up until recently only has 3 weapons: burn (radiation), poison (chemo), and cut (surgery). Chemo resistant bone cancer can’t be defeated by any of those.

But we are lucky. The march of progress at the suffering of others has brought new weapons. Thanks to the lives of 100,000’s before us, we have immunotherapy. So I have regrouped and picked myself up off the ground.

But I can’t take the credit.

The strength comes from the Brody side.

I have warriors and they are hard to ignore even when you are in a dark room crying.

 I have Steve, a general like no other. I have Benno, our resident shirtless scientist. And Jacob, a fighter with superhero powers. One could not ask for a better army. 

I mean look at them! This is how serious Steve takes laser tag. He makes even plastic look bad ass. You can imagine how he feels towards cancer now. Cancer is going down.

(do you notice the proper handhold? lol). I mean the man will stop at nothing. Even using his dog as a shield!

And then Jacob who we told can do anything he wants yesterday, choose. to go to Governor’s Island to go on the slides. REALLY? It seemed like a bad call. He had surgery on Thursday to get the bone marrow sample. Jacob called it “butt surgery” as they sample near the butt. AND he had surgery on Friday. Disaster! But Jacob was so excited so off we went.

He climbed that mountain like no other and down that slide he went! He even raced me! I don’t know who was more in awe. His parents or the strangers who witnessed it.

And I ask you. Does this look like a sick kid?!

Not to me.

And that’s what makes my head spin. That is where the non-logic of cancer makes my head say “can’t compute!” How does this data set match theirs? Have they seen Jacob?!

But my new strategy is to not make sense of it. Just continue to FIGHT. Scans (AHHHH) say no. We say yes. No rhymes. No reason. Just a battle for survival. My job? Make sure my army is strong and show up every morning ready.

Thank you for being part of our army.

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