Hospital Olympics

If there was a hospital Olympics, I think we would not just place, but take gold. 

MIGB scan today. It is for 2 hours. He did the first 45minutes and when they pulled him out I asked how the movie was going. He said no one turned it on!!! I asked why he didn’t tell us.

“You told me not to move mom!”

And look at this torture chamber! He’s literally smashed between two plates. 

I know there is a Special Olympics, maybe time for the hospital Olympics. HUH?! With me?!

I can see the events. 

Who can lay still for the longest? Who can carry their IV pack the farthest? Pill swallowing contest? Who has the smoothest bald head? IV stick races? Chemo spelling bee? Spell vincristine. And on that note, want to be mad about something? GO HERE

And, of course, wheelchair races. Got to have those. 

And I know who is going to win:)

I’m not competitive or anything.

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  1. Can’t fucking handle this. Love you . He is the best ever

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