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Not a read from the hospital, but when you have a cousin who is a brain surgeon (my side for the record of those assuming that was team Brody) and radiologist Minnesotan friends (ahem…again the Levin side), you have doctors at the ready:)!

MRI- Clear! The cancer has still not crossed the blood brain barrier.

CAT SCAN- Tumor gone! The scan before and post are night and day. The mass is GONE. We know that we did not get zero margins (impossible with this cancer), but these are great results. REALLY HAPPY.

Neither of these scans, AHHH (pee wee playhouse version), tell us about the bones. The next two tests are about that. Those are the two we are most nervous about but a GREAT GREAT START.


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  1. Yeah!! Abby this is incredible!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Make a little magic today! 💫 @aliceandolivia


  2. So happy to read this news!! Will continue to send positive thoughts and prayers. Sending so much love!

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