Things are looking up

Things are looking up!

Tomorrow the labs will confirm it, but I’m confident, Jacob’s counts are on their way up from our spiral down in round 5. He is eating and keeping it all down! Jacob is recovering!

What a great way to say HELLO to the Jewish New Year and BYE BYE BYE to last year, a year to never forget, but also never to REPEAT. No chemo in this year. I declare it.

And I had some reminders from friends that while I was down in the dumps, Jacob wasn’t. It’s true, he wasn’t. Through all the vomit and the screams, there he was playing, smiling, and even playing practical jokes.

Benno is right. “He is the best of us.” The strongest. 

Now if I can just remember that. Oh right- I’m writing it now to read later. ABBY- get over yourself. Look at Jacob. He’s coping! He vomits all night and he stays positive. So much to learn from a five-year-old. 

And there is good that has happened these past days that I neglected as I stewed in my pity party for one. I didn’t record any of it so I will try now. I can’t have reporting bias.


Homeschooling is going really well. I feel quite confident Jacob is where he needs to be and maybe even ahead. It’s the highlight of my day. I feel my best when teaching. This feels right and it costs $35 a month (that is on average what supplies cost me).  

We finished our ant study and are now deep into Chia Pets (what else would you expect?!). We ordered a special one for Jacob, he’s name is Grout. When Grout arrived, we brainstormed everything we thought a plant needs. We saw that we couldn’t check SOIL off our list. Our chia pet didn’t come with soil. What are we going to do?!  Jacob hypothesized that maybe grout is made of dirt. He may be my brightest student to date:)

Here’s grout. No sprouts yet! I’ll be sure to post this hot action.

While our planting unit is fun, I am beyond excited for our next unit. We will be hatching baby chicks. I bought the incubator and we are researching to be ready. Jacob is eager to build a nest for them. We haven’t done a lot of engineering so this will feel like a natural extension.

Just what I needed right? Live chickens! Lol. But hey! Life can’t get any crazier than this.

In math, Jacob can make any number using manipulatives up to 100. He can read and write all of his numbers to 100. He is definitely ahead here. In reading, he has 12 sight words, mastered all constant sounds, and is reading level A books. He can now write all of his lower case letters. He is making substantial progress. 

So while I feel like I got nothing done. I did get that done:) 

And I can’t forget to report on our new Brody Sport!

We are Archers. 

Yep. This is the new thing. Steve started it. Of course, he did. Anything that requires shooting is a Steve thing. 

Here was his target day 1:

And it just reminds me how lucky I am. 

He may not zip his fly, but he is just simply the best. Not because he has a near to perfect shot, but because he is a weirdo just like me. My weirdo who now has a new boring topic to tell you all about in great detail. Just ask! No seriously. PLEASE ask. I can’t bear to hear about Russian versus Moroccan style. But yet…knowing me I’ll soon be boring you myself. I’ve got to catch up with my boys. Archery is on my list now too.

Benno soon followed.

He rocks the gear like no other.

I mean… (Fill in any word. It works. ) It is all of those words.

And last, but not least, Jacob.

So yes life is hard. It really is, but what down, must come up. And vice versa.


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  1. So glad Jacob is feeling better! Happy New Year!! Wishing you guys only good things in the New Year!

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