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I keep reading about these intention studies. There have been numerous. I’m not sure if you would qualify it as “science,” but they are attempting to measure something that is indescribable, the idea that your thoughts and intentions can affect the universe. And if that is true and we can prove that, what else could we do? What are we humans capable?

Will we use it for good or evil?

That is the real question.

I choose good.

I’ll share this study for those interested as an example of these studies, but basically scientists are trying to measure the effects of intentions/ basically your thoughts on chosen objects. 

The book I’m reading now has synthesized these studies and believes that not only can thoughts travel and change outcomes, but they can also travel far! They can travel oceans. Proximity to the object of intention is not necessary. You also don’t need thousands, it can be done with just 8, but the intention does matter. You need to really focus and visualize.

And a friend of Nightwing reminded me that WE could do this.

So let’s do some science. 

Let’s do it.

Let’s intend some healing. Let’s intend NED to show up with his four-fingered hand. Let’s make Jacob NED. 

So here is the intention. INTENTION: Jacob will have No Evidence of Disease. The scans will be clear. 

To do this: Picture a clear body and Jacob happy, fat, with hair, the whole thing. All you need is to sit alone for 10 minutes. Take some deep breaths and project your intention.

Below are some pictures to look at. The research shows that people do better with visuals.  I tried to find an image of a NED scan, but they are really confusing without a medical degree so let’s focus on the celebration and Jacob happy and healthy.

Here’s Jacob walking away from his cancer! Leaving that shadow behind.

Here’s Jacob with eyes on a bright future with bridges opening for him:

Here he is climbing new heights:

Here’s an image of our family as one again:

And Steve and I after hearing the NED news. Now that will feel like FREEDOM!

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  1. Dearest Abby we will focus on Jacob’s brillant future totally cáncer free.
    We love we you and we are keeping you in our prayers.
    Sending.much love and special energy,
    Jack and Giselle

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