Q4: An event in the world that has impacted me.

Last year I wrote about Trump. And again it is like I wrote it yesterday. The same shit.

I pray that when I write this next year, there will be a dent in the world of cancer. I know better than to wish in politics.

A step closer maybe to a cure or at least a step closer to getting the rest of the world to where the US stands now. Or EVEN the rest of the states to Jacob’s level of care. The difference in treatment in this country is still extreme.

And instead of waiting for others to get their act together. Waiting for the democratic process to fix things. Waiting for the courts, etc. Waiting for the FDA or whatever is blocking change. I hope that when I read next this year I have made a dent in the world of cancer. I know that’s lofty, but I have plans:)

Oh and you do too!

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  1. Abby! Nothing ever changes! When Johnny and I got married, I was helping to clean out his apartment that had these boxes of newspapers saved from his father. They were NYPost from the 80s. The headlines were things like “settlements in West Bank causing tension,” and many many others… My thoughts were, I could change the dates and it would be the exact same! SO sad!! That being said, there have been a lot of medical advances in cancer since the 80s, and it’s advancing rapidly… Keep hope alive.

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