All I hear about is this Ned. 

Ned is the most popular in my world. Everyone wants him. He is the talk of the floor. I get it. He offers a way out. He will set you free.

I have yet to meet this Ned.

I only know this Ned.

Ned Flanders. This is the only Ned I’ve ever met.  I recall him being a bit annoying, but a good person.

But he’s my new mascot.

As NED I’ve learned stands for NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE.

And we have the possibility of meeting THE Ned the week of the 14th. We’ve been informed that we will have ALL the scans the week of the 14th. We will have scans that we haven’t had since diagnosis. We will see how the cancer in his bones has responded to the chemo. And unlike some of my other wishes in this process, NED is a real possibility. Kids after this treatment with Jacob’s disease can come out NED, but it’s 50% or more possible.

So I think of Ned all day and night. I think of him giving his four-fingered wave to Homer. I picture him waving that hand right over Jacob’s body.

So “hello neighbor!”

Meet our newest family mantra. NED!

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