Round 5

His eyelashes are almost gone.

 I guess it falls under the “expected.” It’s hard to watch though. His face looks naked without them and the few stragglers just call attention to what was once there.

Round five finally got his superpower. 

Round five lives up to its name. Chemo is cumulative and Jacob is having a tougher time. Nights of sweats and violent bouts of vomit.

I just can’t imagine being Jacob as we change his clothes every hour. Soaked in sweat. 

What does he think?  Is being sick the”new normal” for him? It has been months now. Has this normalized for him?

I wonder if the lashes will return.

Parents talk about all kinds of weird hair things. Hair that once was straight grows back in curls etc. Chemo can change your hair forever.

I was hopeful he wasn’t going to lose his lashes as it seems that he does have chemo resistant hair. Unlike his peers to my left and right, he never has lost all of his hair. He doesn’t have a shine to his head that can only occur with zero hair follicles.

Of course, we read into this…

What does it mean to have chemo resistant hair? Is this a good thing?! Do we hope for him to be bald? Is resistant hair a sign that the chemo isn’t working?! No one can tell us.

Same answer: “That can be expected.”


So our child does not look like the rest.

He looks like a chia pet. He looks just like one.

You remember? Remember Here

So we have living chia pet so it only felt appropriate to give him his own.

I just ordered the SHAGGY one. I think this is more of a gift for myself. A Shaggy chia pet?! Where has this been my whole life? The chia collection has definitely expanded since my childhood. Google it! It’s crazy how many options there are. What chia pet are you going to get?


Shaggy will hopefully be a welcomed addition to our home. I hope it makes Steve and I laugh as we haven’t even seen sick yet from this round. His counts are going down, but we’re not close to the bottom.  We could use some distractions.

So how does one “expect” the unexpected? 


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