Family Photo Shoot! That includes YOU

A friend of Nightwing has been pushing me to document life. Take pictures! She is in the space of photography, so she’s an expert. I guess I’ve never thought of taking pictures of bad times. It’s not obvious to take a photo when you are upset or not looking your best.  And documenting Jacob has been hard. He looks frail, but also SO STRONG.

I want to document his strength.

I don’t want to forget. Well…maybe most of it, but I don’t want to forget his strength. I know it has changed me. Maybe you too.

And forgetting is just an invitation for a life of circles. Repetition. Learning the same thing over and over. So I’m trying to find moments to take a photo, to remember and to celebrate the good.

I realized then that we haven’t had a family photo in years. I’ve never been the holiday card type, so this just hasn’t made my list of things to do. But that is changing. We are going to take a family photo NOW, right now in this state. I plan on wearing sweatpants:)

However, when I think of the word family, I think of all of you.

Family is community. We love our family! I can’t imagine this photo without YOU

Therefore, this holiday card is going to be a bit different. Luckily Jenny and Yaron Lesham knew just how to accomplish this:) 


Location: Hudson River (downtown) details coming soon.

I don’t have to “know” you! Just come. If you are reading this. YOU QUALIFY!

We will shoot you all individually so you can dash in and out. I know time in your world is everything. HERE is a signup genius. If we run out of spots…I will figure out a way to make more:) shhhh…Jenny will kill me for saying this. But hey- that’s what crazy friends do. They push you!

The only rule is come as a family if you are bringing kids so we can be efficient. 

I’m BEYOND excited about this. This is what family is about!

Please consider it. You’re our family! Won’t be the same without you:)


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