Q1: Describe a significant experience that has happened in the past year…

That was day 1 of 10Q.

I’m a bit late… It’s been busy. One hospital visit, but lots of good too. And maybe the hospital visit was a good thing. Who knows!! URG! The complexities! Never simple in this life.

If only you could see the other side of the fork in the road to know. What would have happened if he didn’t spike a fever? Would he have been violently ill as he was refusing to take his meds for nausea. Were we saved from tremendous pain by bringing him in and getting him anti nausea meds through his IV?! What would have a non hospital night look liked?

Maybe it was a gift. Maybe I should be thankful, but it sucks. It sucks the rushing. The fear. The spike in fever. The unexpected hours in the hospital when you promised a home day.

When I answered the question it shows me my answer from last year. I spoke about work. I went on and on about finding my next step. I know at that time it felt important, but it’s hard to connect to that person or even like her. She feels self absorbed, but I think I hate her, because I’m jealous. She can indulge in such quandaries. She can think about fulfillment and even self. And she complains she has “no time.” Please bitch you know nothing about time.

Time is relative.

Q1 done. Could have gone on and on. But there is not much to say.

But note the “inspired?” Yes! That is something to remember. That is something to remember.

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