Got to have FAITH

You just got to have Faith.

New social hierarchy (bottom to top below):




And she’s REAL. No literally, she’s REAL!!  No need to “believe!” You can touch her. She is a REAL person.

Her name is Faith. A mom of three kids to boot. You will know when you meet her. She just gets shit done. 

I can’t give you her last name as she’s got her plate full and doesn’t need stalkers. Between her work, her “projects”,  her kids, and saving humanity by organizing people, one can say she has a lot going on. She organized the Friends of Nightwing! She unites people:) I am forever a fan.

I write about her as I hope you other moms have some faith.

We all need a little faith.

And Jacob has his own Faith. He has an army of Faiths and they are FIGHTING (for him!). LOOK!

Thank you to all the Faiths in the world of all ages and sizes.

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  1. That is the sweetest video ever! It’s amazing how much love and support Jacob has!

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