Fucking good day

Today is going to be a good day. 

There are some bad deals going down. 

To be more accurate, these bad deals are on fucking fire!

Today the students take the streets. Nothing more powerful than all those voices. You can always count on kids to call us adults out. “Hey adults, you’re actually killing our planet! Get it together. We have been counting on you and you are FAILING us. So we are taking it into our own hands.”


And you know how I feel about lots of people uniting, especially children, doing good helps everyone. Even over here in ICU we are feeling the benefit.  The world is righting itself. It is healing. It is healing Jacob.

 Someone has his “quack” back! Jacob smiled today and even gave me a good “quack” (his secret duck language). AND AND AND we are getting out of ICU and going to the regular in-patient side:) Our warrior is too strong for this place. 

In honor of this day of good. We did some reading practice. He read the sign below. See HERE.

Maybe not the most appropriate, but hey when our cousin Naomi (one holding the sign) marches for the climate in London, we march with her. GO GIRLS!

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