The other side of the curve

Got a note from a Friend of Nightwing…

She had been thinking about the statical odds of having Steve and Jacob’s diagnosis in ONE family. The unplottable. The statistical anomaly.

Her words:

 All I can think about is the other side of the curve.  Isn’t it possible, maybe even probable, that this same family will fall into the tiny group with the same crazy odds who do something absolutely remarkable and extraordinary?  Something that only .000003 families in the world can do – maybe you’re going to cure cancer (this one I know!), maybe you’re going to build highways in the sky and cars that fly.  I don’t know if statistics work that way (it’s been a while) but I can’t help but think that your family will also be an outlier in the best possible way we can imagine.  

I think this one is onto something:)

As magical things are already happening. For one, Jacob is no longer staring into space. He is talking again!

And LOOK who reached out to Jacob! 

Thank you other fellow Nightwing who made THIS happen:)

Maybe being a statistical anomaly is a double sided coin. We live on both spectrums of the bell curve. I look forward to all of the HIGHS! I have no idea what they will be, but I know they will be with you.

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