Maybe its the eyelashes

Maybe it’s the eyelashes.

Those have always been an outlier. Not just in our family, but seemingly in life as people stop him on the street. Goggles are even a problem. He can’t see well when he swims as his lashes keep bumping into the lens. 

And even in the ICU there is not a doctor that doesn’t comment. “WOW! Look at those lashes.”

Remarkably he still has them. After all the chemo, they have hung on while the rest just falls.

I’m thinking they may be his superpower.

Are these lashes the clue? Because we are unsure where this child came from.

I’ve been through surgery with Steve. Nope. Not him. He did not have such strength.When Steve couldn’t get a drug he wanted immediately, he flipped in a tantrum. Jacob’a only request is to drink water. I had to tell him that he can’t drink until tomorrow. I was ready for tears as he has been requesting water since coming out of surgery and he’s FIVE. His reply “Okay, I’ll wait.”

If you are thinking this attribute is from me. HELL NO. You know my feelings on waiting! I get a cold and it is like the world has collapsed.

So this child has attributes from another. He has a strength and an internal will like none I’ve ever seen.

Today he stood up and even sat in a chair. Less than 24 hours after a 13-hour surgery. 


Taking a moment to celebrate this BIG milestone. I know the journey is not over, but this was by far the highest peak to climb.

When all this is over, I may need to get those eyelash extensions all of you rave about. 

Maybe thats the secret.

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  1. My goodness! First, we are all exhaling with you. So delighted to hear every bit of good news that there is, and there seems to be a fair amount of that.
    Jacob seems like a very wise and comfortable old soul. Something tells me he’s been here before and is here again to impart some great wisdom and insight on the rest of us.
    Sending much love to all.

  2. Incredible how much a five year old is teaching all of us – but then again, this is no average five year old! Abby, I’m sure you thought of this already but if you are interested in reiki for Jacob (or you guys!), contact Pamela Miles ( – she is a reiki master and does a lot of work in NYC hospitals post surgery and is a very special person. My aunt, who is a very experienced reiki practitioner, sent me to Pamela so I could learn reiki – there is something pretty magical about it.

  3. Amazing boy! Sending so much love! ❤️ Beautiful and strong soul. 💪🏻

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