I think life can be summed up as a series of deals. Every day is a task of deal-making. These deals are with others and even ourselves. 

Every minute a transaction.

We don’t even think about them, they are just life. A give and take.

My daily bagel order is a transparent example. I hand Bagel Works $3 and I get a bagel with low-fat cream cheese and tomato in return. Clear deal. 

Your deal at “work” is clear, it even comes with a contract spelled out. You get this. We get that. Even marriage is a pretty transparent deal. You know what you are signing up for…that whole death do us part. Okay…well in theory this is clear. 

Steve makes deals all day long. Big ones that represent multiple parties or others that represent a party of one.

Recently his deals look like this:

“Today I will eat that corn muffin and seven cookies because my future self will eat one less corn muffin and seven fewer cookies.” This is usually a deal broken.

But those aren’t the deals I’m making. I’m making the most complicated deal of all time as I can’t negotiate. There is no table to even sit at. It’s faith. Faith. Even illogical faith. And I have to lead. I have asked for the terms.

Steve made some deals along these lines a few months ago. He put himself out for bid. He actually made two deals. I’ve only made one. I only believe in one. I don’t believe there are dark forces at work. I make no deals with dark forces. Those don’t exist. 

I don’t think bad happens from evil forces that we can’t see. I see them just fine. I see them all day.

I think it’s as simple as this. BAD things happen from BAD deals. Deals that are broken, forged on greed,  or ones that forget that deals are two way and sometimes three-way streets. Some deals don’t just affect two parties, but humanity as a whole. When bad deals are made. We all suffer.

(I know…but what about Jacob. What bad deal could have led to that? I leave that conversation for another time.)

Back to the easier to reconcile. Steve’s deal with food is a great example.

That was a BAD DEAL and for breaking it, he gets 40lbs.  But this is a small deal with a n=1. Deals can be bigger, much bigger. Deals can involve us all. The bigger the deal, the worst the outcome, and yes, the rise of evil. 

So many examples in the media right now from deals that hurt all of us from the environment, the poor, our lungs, foreign policy, etc. Deals made either from greed, manipulation, etc.

So I think evil is from mankind. Not from a devil. 

Therefore, I only make deals with good. And I am aware that deals are a two-way street and each party needs to get something to close a deal. Everyone has to give to receive. Bagel works gets money. Me a bagel. 

So today I closed a deal.  About an hour ago.

The deal has been on the table for a while. I just was nervous to close.

The terms were clear. Save my son (one side). I will work for the REST of my life to save the rest (other side).  

But for a deal to feel closed you need to know the other party is serious. Surgery was serious. That was the sign I needed.

So the deal is closed. Sure that party has more to prove. That party has to save my son for LIFE, but it’s also time for me to live up to my part too.

I have some work to do.

And like all the greatest deals it is WAY bigger than me. It will involve EVERYBODY. Everybody. And like the nature of the other party, it will only be good.

It will be full of light.

The sky is going to light on fire for this one.

Some call them fireworks.

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