IMPORTANT: Meeting Request: Monday, September 16th

This is the BIG request. This is a very serious surgery. I will copy Steve’s words from a shared writing piece we are sending to those who are joining our fight with parents. Joining the band of parents.

“Neuroblastoma surgery is complicated. An NB tumor spreads in an amorphous pattern and wraps itself around the largest artery in the body, the aorta. The aorta has little offshoots that feed the various organs in the body and NB tends to latch on to those too, thus surgery is difficult and long. Surgeons need to remove the NB without damaging the vessels. A good way to think about this is if you were to place a twig with a lot of offshoot branches into a bucket of water and then freeze that bucket. In this analogy, the ice is the NB and in this surgery, the surgeons need to remove the ice without damaging the twigs.”


As you know, I only believe in one thing…the power of community.

People ask how they can help. Here is how.

You can help by just thinking. Just thinking. Saying Jacob’s name. Thinking of him being okay. Seeing him being okay.

And if you want extra credit…you do this with another. Find a friend. Maybe a fellow Nightwing, because one thing that seems to be clear in my research is that miracles never happen in isolation. Miracles happen by the power of many.

Sincerest thanks from Steve and I.

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  1. I will think of Jacob and your family Monday as I do every day.
    Only blessings.

  2. The word is being spread as I type this – I’m on it over at 875 Third and beyond. Consider me your midtown coverage person. You have a global map of people who will be with you next week. (Still looking into aforerequested tranq darts).

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