Dear Imaginext

Dear Imaginext,

I have a problem and maybe you can help. I am drowning in you.

My son screams all day long if I do not appease him with one of your products. Your box is his happiness. I was always one of the intrinsic motivation educators, but screw that, I got enough going on. Extrinsic it is.

It’s not his birthday if that is what you are thinking.

We started giving him gifts for hospital days (to keep him excited for the 10-14 hour days). We spend a lot of days in hospitals, but now it’s every day. Yes, every day I give my child one of your products. (sometimes twice a day). shhh…

I am POSITIVE that I’m your biggest client. So hello! Your welcome. Your stock price did not take a nosedive with the trade war, thanks to a five-year-old collector.

And I get his infatuation. I too am a fan. You truly are a delight. I don’t need superhuman strength to open you nor do you come with any directions. You know your purpose, PLAY!  Imaginext you have nailed it. From packaging to design. Nailed it. BRAVO! I feel like this.

Your name tells me you know the reality of your genius design as my son “imagines” with you. He delights in your buttons and then he says “NEXT.”  After about 2 hours with you, he says “NEXT.” It’s not personal, he just discovered all you had to give in that particular toy and is ready to be dazzled by your next creation. He is a collector. Here is a picture of HALF of the collection.

So…any chance there is a bulk rate? Or have you thought about your footprint on the world? All the plastic? I really hate owning all of this plastic. Have you thought beyond just making money creating things out of my son’s imagination? This is not a dig, just a question. Let’s get something straight. I owe you EVERYTHING. I owe you this moment right here. I can write. He is playing with a new one of you, allowing me to breathe! 

Have you heard about the sharing economy? Maybe you can even make MORE money? What if more people could experience your joys? What if we all bought into a toy sharing rotation program? Huh? 

Or a points program? Can we start one of those? 

Just think about it.

Until then. You are welcome. 


Abby Brody

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