Mental Note: No Handmaid’s Tale

Mental note: Do NOT watch the Handmaid’s Tale.

I don’t care if you think you are ready to dive back into “regular” scheduled programming, this show is OFF limits. Keep it light. Bachelor in Paradise and 90210 it is. And ONLY. No need to go farther right now.

This goes for you too, moms in my world. Do NOT watch this show. 

I even apologize for putting this down on paper, but I have to for me. I obviously need this reminder, because TWICE now I’ve made this mistake. Oy!

I worry that now that I told you NOT to watch it, you HAVE to watch it.

You know like candy? 

The minute you tell someone they can’t have it, he/she HAS to have it. All of a sudden candy sounds like the most important thing in the world when before it was just an object among many.

It’s just how we are wired. These independent beings wanting to show their self will. Prove that they can do it on their terms. But, please don’t. You have enough on your plate! And you do not want this. This is suffering at a whole new level. It makes our world look like a pleasure cruise. Yes, I just said pleasure cruise.

The only positive take away…it can be worse, but we have enough of that reminder everyday at the hospital.

But…if you do fall into this trap of watching this show, know this. I spent about 3 hours spiraling on it. I don’t wish that of you so I will share what I learned. Save you some time. You need that!

First off, I am at the beginning of this new season. I saw the other seasons “before.” I found it riveting. Upsetting, but riveting. 

But now…“WHAT THE FUCK?!!!” 

I got to the part with people in cages and I was like “this isn’t possible Abby. Don’t be upset. This is TV. This is entertainment.” But yet I’m crying and then I question that mantra. I remember the holocaust and anything is possible. I mean look at our lives…anything is possible even if the odds are .000015%. 

So I started to spiral. How could this happen? And that led to a deep research session on fertility rates. After theorizing on the HOW this could possibly happen in today’s age. I know we see some signs of women’s liberties being taken away, but this is a whole different level. I became obsessed with fertility rates. I think women become infertile could be a tipping point of humanity. 

Is there a problem with fertility rates?

Could be right? We KNOW the environment can trigger cancer, can it also make us infertile?! And don’t we all hear these horror stories of our friends trying to get pregnant, miscarriages, etc? So three hours of research it was. Incessant googling. Is the world doomed?!

I’m going to spare myself all the details of my research as it will be ongoing. I’ve set a google alert on fertility rates- got to stay up to date on this factoid! But basically everything seems okay. Yes, birth rates are going down, but there are many reasons for this. SO many and fertility is not high on that list. CHECK. Spiral done.

So mom- the last thing you need is this. And the last thing I need is this. NO HANDMAID TALE. Zero. None.

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  1. That is why I watch Jane the Virgin . I am on the 80th episode and there is more to come.
    PS . On HM , the men are sterile , not the women

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