Wait for it.

Have you ever read something that felt like you had written it? It sums up your inner thoughts and names things that you couldn’t quite name.  I’ve had this experience a few times in my life. I can name 2, but I’m sure there are more. But I will write it down now so I can keep track moving forward.

People have been sharing with me, loads of texts. 

I’ve gotten poems and bags of books. I so appreciate it. I am trying my best to read all of them, but it’s difficult to keep up, but this gift I put at the top of the pile. 

This book of selected non-fiction writings was written by a neighbor. A neighbor who lost her life to cancer (of course) and it is her partner that shared it with me. This neighbor, by the way, is no small deal. She is one of those great talents you know like Justin Timberlake. She like him can do it all. She was a writer, producer, musician, director and she could draw. She even wrote children’s books. And I bet she can do it in one take:)

Pretty impressive. 

I wonder how people win the talent lottery? How does that happen? I’ve actually read plenty of research on this. Loads of books studying talented people. This research I felt was part of my job as isn’t it people like these that we seek to produce out of “schools.”  While, research speaking it seems to be about practice, which is just as annoying as p-a-t-i-e-n-c-e. But there is also a theory about hardships. A lot of these people come from hard circumstances. Death of a parent, etc. It seems that people who have found perspective is because they were forced to have perspective. They had no luxury of not knowing what to value as everything they valued disappeared. They know South and thus can easily find North. They’ve seen it from afar. They have a perspective that you don’t.

However, I don’t think suffering is necessary to have perspective in life. You don’t need to suffer to understand things. I actually think all you need to do is being open to listening to those who do and I guess have some p-a-t-i-e-n-c-e, which research speaking comes in the form of practice. 

I would recommend starting with this on your journey. Read it backward. Not literally backwards. But start with the last story.

And wait for it.

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