Village of mothers

Yesterday was a hard day, but there she was. Another “chance” run in last night on my way to class.  Another “coincidence.”

I hadn’t seen her in 15 years. 

She is an important one. She played a major role in the woman I am today. She helped raise me. She treated me like a daughter and I love her. I still love her. She was there during some tough times.

We saw each other and didn’t need to speak. At first I couldn’t believe it was her. She just grabbed me and hugged me. “I know” she said. Exactly what I needed to hear. I needed her to know. I needed to know that she knew and was there with me even from afar.

And here she was. The exact woman I needed to see. Confirmation again that there is someone looking out for me. Someone confirming that I have all the support I need. Look you have a village!

She ain’t any ordinary woman either. She lost her husband and raised two children on her own. She even started her own business. How lucky am I to have women like this in my life? Women that invested their time on me with all that going on? She welcomed me into her home like a daughter.

I thank you playa. 

She wasn’t even “supposed” to be there. She was meeting a friend. Not planned. 

It’s never planned.
Moments like these…never planned.

And I think there is a lesson here so I write. 

I want to write about my village. As it takes a village to raise a child and I was blessed to have one, a village of strong women.

I sat down last night and listed all of the incredible women that helped raise me. Helped me be the woman I am today. I came up with a list. WOW! I have had so many mothers. Some people only have one mother. Or maybe better put, only allow themselves to be open to one. Mothers are all around you. Teachers.

The obvious made the list, my mom and my mother-in-law, but also on that list was every female boss I’ve ever had. I’ve been blessed to have more than just bosses, but women invested in my success as a person, not just as an employee. Loads of family friends came to mind. There are ones on my list that my parents don’t even speak to anymore, but I know that they think of me as a daughter and I can’t negate the support they gave me. On the list they went. And aunts! Aunts play a very special role. 

When looking at the list, each of the women is so unique.  However, they all share a moral compass. They all made me who I am. I am part them.

I know that I walk this difficult time with them. 

I think now of my children’s village. It is also full of STRONG women. Mothers that will fill voids that I can’t. Not because I won’t try. I will always be 100% there, but because sometimes those voids are best filled by others.

And the playa will provide.

Bring those mothers when needed.

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