Rescue 1 Plus Pivots

Benno learned something today. 90% of startups fail, BUT not when you predict the failure first and pivot your strategy!

Benno has quickly learned that Rescue 1 Plus gets more telemarketing calls (which he oddly loves) than clients. He almost didn’t have enough money to pay his phone bill to keep the business going! He had a big dilemma. A hard reality to face, failure. Rescue 1 Plus was going out of business. 

Time to pivot!

Rescue 1 Plus has a new product and today it launched. Rescue 1 Plus now has an education arm. This makes mama very proud. Following his mom’s footsteps, Benno has created a course for kids and adults.

Today he had his first students.

When I learned that Brittney (our nurse for today) needed to get her recertification for CPR soon, I knew just who to call. I dialed Rescue 1 Plus. “Benjamin” answered the phone and I told him that the nurses at Sloan need recertification. In less than 20 he was here with “Fred.” Fred is Benno’s new dummy and teaching aid. 

Benno ain’t no dummy! He knows that people are experiential learners. How can they learn if they don’t experience it? 

HERE he is.

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