Day 11

It is day 11 and we are still an OUT patient of the hospital. We are truly amazed! 

Day 10 was full of almost hospital visits. Steve and I are still baffled by the day. His fever hovered around 99.7 all day. Going up and down, even reaching 100.2, but never hitting the hospital’s number of 100.4. It was if he was “fighting” something. But how? He has zero white blood cells to fight with. But yet, unlike all the other rounds (and standard care), he had a low-grade fever that didn’t spike. 

Another anomaly.

Another one to remember. Another moment that can’t be explained by science. 

While we are at the hospital now. It is a scheduled visit. He needs transfusions and is in pain. He has stopped eating again, but you would too if you had mucositis, which is the 11th plague. God missed that one when he/she was counting. However, at the moment it looks like our superhero will be returning home with us!!! 

Wouldn’t it be remarkable if we remain outpatient for the entire round?! The odds of that I bet hover around 3% tops, but have these odds met my family?! 

Keep flicking!

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