Hunkering Upgrade

It’s day 9 and its past 4PM. We are STILL out of the hospital. New record. 

And someone asked what do you do in your apartment all day and night long? Good question.

When not attempting to play all together. We each have our ways to cope.

Benno is living a digital life. He has found “outside” in Minecraft, finishing games, and even joined a digital campus, a digital school, where he has made many digital girlfriends. He bought one of his girlfriend’s a hat. A top hat nonetheless. Very classy. When not in his digital life, he is practicing CPR on his new dummy that I got him. Rescue 1 plus has a new product coming out. More soon!

Jacob’s is building his own village. A village of IMAGINEXT toys. It has gotten a bit out of hand. This is the way we get him to the hospital…he will only go without kicking and screaming if you present him with an IMAGINEXT toy so he has built a village. He calls it his “museum” and he plans to give it to his children one day. I swear he said this.

For me, silence. I like to find a quiet moment. I’ll write or read.

For Steve and me, it involves drills and eating.

If you haven’t seen Steve he looks like he got eaten by a wolf. He has doubled in size, but also in grandeur. 

Actually, maybe you have seen him.

Have you seen a wolf on the loose? Have you? Or at least felt its breeze as he whizzes through the New York streets clocking in at 21mph? 

You’ll know if it is truly him by his trail. As this machine of all black leaves his own fairy dust behind. The dust? Drywall of course!

Here is a rare glimpse of him not yet in motion. Notice the drywall dust all over his shoulders.

Wolverine is a fitting name right?

He is a mixture of man, wolf, and machine. All working in unison. He uses his man side to problem solve. Wolf part to persist and machine part to build and he has been busy. He has been working on making our “treehouse” (that is the official name of our apartment) into a better bunker. 

He has been upgrading the basement. And today he finished!!!! LOOK. Look at my family:)

Our new MOVIE THEATER with its own retractable screen and surround sound, which of course he installed himself. Thank you Wolverine!

So what was the first movie? This was a BIG question…

I may have influenced a bit of the vote…

It is totally inappropriate, but so is our life, ACE VENTURE PET DETECTIVE. Classic. My favorite line being THIS.

Thanks Jim. Thanks for making the day a bit less of this…

And more of this…

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