Rumor has it there is a holiday going on

I hear it’s a holiday of sorts. The last hurrah. The last dance of summer. Hard to understand when you never saw summer and can’t leave your apartment. And this holiday is on the “Mondays” of all Mondays, today is Day 9.

It’s like watching a ticking time bomb. Its hard. Especially when all Jacob wants to play is snuggle puppy. Snuggle puppy requires snuggles, contact. My germs touching his body. Never really thought of snuggles in this way, a bacteria Petri dish that can hurt my child. Snuggles can only be good! But, of course, I snuggle him. How can I not? This will hopefully be a blip like our entire lives on the evolutionary timeline. I’m not letting snuggles get a bad name in this blip.

But hunkering has been full of loads of surprises like the millipede I found last night in my bathroom. I quickly scooped him! A new pet to entertain! I put him in THE ant farm last night just for him to be safe. Jacob found this highly unacceptable. “This isn’t a millipede farm mom!” But no worries I saw a project! We will build a millipede farm, screw that, a millipede playground. We started cutting taping and there we had it. All I had to do was put the millipede in it, but I took a work call. 

To learn that Steve killed the millipede! Geez. This is not going as planned. That was my big rabbit trick today.

But while Steve killed millipede, he did save a human. Again someone has been trapped in our building’s elevator, and yet again, Steve saved the day. My favorite part of this save was that wire cutters were required in his master plan of elevator break-in. And guess where those were? Right in his freaking pocket. I’m not joking the man had wire cutters on him.

So Steve is back in my good favor. Millipede down, human up. Suffering for the salvation of others. The sad but truthful march. 

And another hero who probably had a wire cutter in his pocket too, is Benno. I got him a playdate and, at first, he said “no.” This was surprising. RUN RUN! Be free! Why don’t you want to get out?! How can you take this?! But when pressed it was because he knew it would be harder at home without him. “Jacob will scream.” 

He’s right. Jacob will SCREAM. He will SCREAM all day, but at some point, we need to give Benno a life. His days have been spent at the hospital where his brother demands all of him. He needs to be an 8-year-old boy. So I made the decision for him, you go. I’ll be okay.

Wow. Not your average 8-year-old these days. Although…was he ever?

But in general, I celebrate this Monday of all Mondays. While it is the end of “summer,” this means you all RETURN! Is that selfish? Probably. Remember depression is a narcissist disorder.

But I need you, especially soon. VERY SOON.

Meeting request coming…

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  1. Gotta comment here. Depression is not a narcissist disorder. Narcissism can be a depressive and anxiety disorder. These are two vastly different things. Please be gentle with your words, even in this difficult time.

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