We can be heroes

What are you listening to is a new popular question. 

I was never asked this question until last year and now it’s pretty constant. Often a popular “smart” sounding question at the end of a work meeting. Replacing the age-old question: “What are you reading?” 

Podcasts are hot. But this question always makes me nervous, because I always respond “music.” Not sure how that plays in my audience. Am I not academic-sounding enough? But the fear of pretending to listen to some podcast to be followed up by a question is enough to steer me clear of this white lie.

I’m listening to music. 

I don’t have an issue with podcasts. I totally understand the appeal and there was a good month where I really attempted to transition into this world. It is a great way to get information on the move. I felt efficient. Look at all I can absorb in a day!

But I had to abandon it. 

First, I still prefer the written word. The written word, in theory, (but definitely not in my case!!), requires some “editing” process. It requires a full commit. It becomes something quotable, something you can reference. The writer knows that someone can copy it word for word or even just snap a pic.  You can highlight it even. Therefore, call me old, but I’m sticking to the written word. It has intent.

Second, when do you listen to music?! When I introduced podcasts into my life, my music consumption took a big hit. This is not something I can afford. No movie is complete without a  soundtrack. And music is left to interpretation. You can read into lyrics as you please or you can ignore the lyrics completely and just appreciate the tune. You could hear Taylor Swift talking about mean girls, or rather a declaration to the President to calm down. It’s all in the meaning you bring. 

While podcasts are literal. There is a predetermined message, there is a predetermined tone, and you can’t skip so easily to the “chorus” without missing the entire point. 

Therefore, I’m listening to music. And I would recommend you do too moms and dads in my world. I’m learning more from music than I even do from books recently. Music has been my therapy. Music has hope. 

So what am I listening to?

“Heroes” by Alesso.

As I watch my child in wonder as he vomits every morning a radio active green substance that only reminds me of the ninja turtles. BUT only be followed an hour later by him laughing and eating a shake shack burger!

He is my hero.

Jacob and Alesso taught me something.

Turns out we all can be. Hero is defined as “a person admired for great deeds.”

Anybody’s got the power
They don’t see it
‘Cause they don’t understand
Spin around and round for hours
You and me we got the world in our hands Everyday people do
Everyday things but I
Can’t be one of them
I know you hear me now
We are a different kind
We can do anythingWe could be heroes

Maybe you just don’t understand, but you have the power. Everyday people do too, even five year olds.

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