Dear Presidential Candidate Yang,

I told you I was listening and I am. 

I even asked someone about you. I asked some family what was going on with the whole election, keen to hear if your name would be mentioned. This family member spared me the details, knowing deep down that this is not what I should be focusing on, but she did share that you would be gone soon. No chance. That the biggest thing going on with you is that you didn’t wear a tie to the debates, which I love by the way. 

But today I learned that this is anything but the case. You are still in. This felt like an anomaly. I like anomalies. I live in one. So I went on your website. 

And as you said. I don’t agree with everything you say, but I like how you rely on logic and seem to be open-minded.  But there is one thing that we are 100% in alignment on and that is education. Unlike your peers, you understand the problem and problem solve within REALITY. 

I decided to donate to your underdog cause and when I checked out, it asked if I wanted to buy a hat. Ugh. Not the hats. Haven’t we all just had enough of the hats? But I was interested to learn what your MAGA hat says. 

And there it was:

Is MATH really your rally cry?! I dig it. Like really dig it!

“You celebrate numbers and facts” according to your website. This I find REFRESHING and also super interesting as the “numbers” and all the “facts” (of others) say you have zero chance. Like zilch. I would even say a negative number (to be dramatic), but that doesn’t make mathematical sense and you know that, as you factor math into your thinking.

I also love the idea of all these hats on the street. All these hats celebrating a word that many children shutter. MATH IS COOL. Thanks for that.

So I bought your hat and now it turns out you have my info and bombard me with email. Should have seen that coming.

I got my first email only 2 hours later. And it was a welcomed surprise. I agree with you yet again and THANK YOU for speaking up. I am actually confused about why legalizing marijuana is not already done. This one I believe is a bi-partisan issue. We all agree. How can alcohol be legal and marijuana not? Can you explain that to me?! 

Let the states decide if the federal government is too embarrassed by its baseless campaign against it. Embarrassed by years of research proving them wrong and them burying it. You made a mistake America. We get it. But you can stop. You can turn this around too. 

And people need this plant. It has helped SO many, especially those with seizure disorders. I know first hand so many people who use it therapeutically but struggle because you never know what’s in it. What it could be laced with. This is so EASY to change.

And in those many people, I now include my five-year-old son. It helps my son. My choices are giving him heavy narcotics or give him “weed.” I choose weed. It took us weeks to get him this drug. While it took 3 hours to get oxy. Look how cute his medical marijuana card is. I have to share!

So I wish you well. Go beat the odds!

Hey! The number 1 is odd, maybe that’s what you will be. 

However, if the odd turns out to be 3, 5, 7 or 9 and you are looking to still make an impact, I would love to have you on the board of directors of Mind the Gap. I do think it all starts with education. Educated voters we need! And a youth ready to save the world.

The board will meet a few times a year and we would love your input. You think like us. 

Too soon? 

Probably too soon.

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