Snuggle Puppy has cancer

Play has definitely gotten more complicated. 

Our favorite game to play is “snuggle puppy.”

This imaginative play game was invented by Benno when he was three. While invented by Benno, it has become Jacob’s favorite too.

It goes like this:

I am looking to buy a snuggle puppy, this is a very special breed of puppy, this one snuggles only. Its sole purpose is to snuggle.

At the “pet store” (I’m actually physically talking to the air), I ask the “manager” if they have snuggle puppies. I have a pretend conversation where the store owner, who tells me downstairs they have some. Then I have to find them. The boys are usually under the covers. I then get to play with them and then I try to buy them.

As this is a game Benno has invented, there is always a complication. That has been a constant in the way Benno plays since he started talking. He is the killer of fun. Playing firefighters with him was pure torture. I would scream “help! Help! My house is on fire.” Only to be informed that the fire engine has a flat or out of gas. Even traffic makes it into his play. Oy! “I’m burning” I would shout to only get in response “sorry miss, were on break.”

So only fitting that every time I go to buy snuggle puppies, I’m told I don’t have enough money. But recently there is a new spin. The snuggle puppy announces he has cancer. 

It’s said matter of fact and he pulls up his puppy shirt to show his “tubies.”


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