Runneth over

Stem cells runneth over.

At least they do in this household.

We were told that we would need at least two days of stem cell harvesting. Two days of Jacob linked up to a machine that takes his blood and removes the stem cells and then puts that blood right back in him.

We just got the call. They need 10. This is pathetic I don’t actually know the rest of this number…is it 10,000 or 10,000,000. I have no idea. I have little space for such details. I just knew 10. It would take 2-3 days. But we just got the call and they got 24 in one day! More than double. Unheard of!

And it reminds me of a story.

After having Benno I got a call from “Core Blood” company. You know the stuff we pay every month promising to be helpful at times like this. They called to say they received the sample and all is fine. I was about to hang up the phone, but this man asked if he I had a second.

“You are causing quite the stir here. Our average harvest is XXXX, but your son had XXXX.”

I guess numbers just come and go, but I do remember this. It was not just double but 20x the average. It was the highest collection that location had ever recorded. For a few weeks Benno was known as “Super Baby” as this only confirmed the crazy two week “roll over” he did at the doctor’s office. He rolled over right there on the examination table. The doctor almost freaked. High up on that table, he just rolled over. 

Knowing Benno now. I’m assuming he was freaking out. Who is this guy? And why is he jabbing me? I’m getting the fuck out of here. And he did what all pediatricians would tell you is NOT possible, he rolled himself over at two week old.

I guess Brodys just runneth over in stem cells and are fighters. 

So today is a good day! A home day.


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