The “right” side

I will start with the flair to my right.

The right side of my body.

#1: Evil eye ring. 

This ring found me in the fall of 2011. On the streets of NYC of course. Where I do all my best shopping.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate your beautiful jewels. BUT I am not one to OWN them. I would lose them!

Seriously. I will!

To not lose something you have to really be aware, and to be aware, you need to care, and right there you have it.  I’m not worthy of these jewels. It would be like throwing money down the drain.

But this evil eye I wear is not the original. I still have that one. The original is a fake gold evil eye with no stone in the center, just the gold outline. It was $15 and I loved it.

I told Steve that if I ever became head of the lower division, I would make it real. I remember when I told him. We were biking in West Hampton and my flair was on display as I biked and held onto the handle bars. Just randomly announced it. It wasn’t even obvious I would ever be the head of the lower division. That seemed pretty far fetched at the time. I was only 32. 

However, I forgot this memory, until he reminded me.

He reminded me by gifting me the real thing 2 weeks after I got promoted.

He’s like that. Thoughtful. 

He claims he writes these things down. It turns out I am hard to shop for. He may be right on this. Evidenced by all the times he tries to buy me something nice, and we end up returning and buying something for him.

Hmmm….maybe that is really his secret. But its true. Every time I go to return something, I see him googling something and I insist he buys it. It just means more to him than me. And I am happier. I love seeing him happy, that makes me happy. So be it!

But yes, I have a very caring loving man who made me my evil eye ring. It is very special to me. I haven’t taken it off since.

#2 Evil eye bracelet: 

It’s made of string and beads. I bought it in Sag Harbor. I love Sag Harbor. It is a special place. It has boats and ice cream. It also has my kind of shopping. A place where you will stumble upon trinkets not brands.

I just realized that on my right I only have evil eyes. That’s odd.

And this makes me wonder… are these things ON?! Hello! Aren’t you supposed to protect me?! Is there a code to activate? Did I miss something?!

I guess my right side reaks of desperation.

Asking for protection. Doubling down on protection.

Never really thought about it that way before, but that feels right. I am reeking of desperation. But yet here is this ring that also speaks of accomplishment.

It speaks of confidence yet fear.

That feels accurate. This flair is dead on.

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