I talk about this a lot. 

The flair I speak of is as in the flair showcased in the classic and BEST movie, Office space . You know Jennifer Aniston’s best role. See here.

I think of flair as your individual armor. The choices you make to adorn your body.  Your choice of what you share to the world.

With our youth this seems to be in the form of tattoos. For years this was mind boggling to me. Why would anyone do that? And needles?!! I now realize this is the ultimate flair. It is a secret code to what you want to express. It a the permanent statement. That takes guts. That takes knowing yourself. Maybe I just didn’t know myself before so couldn’t understand it. Maybe.

Currently, I wear the flair like Brian in Office space. He stood for 37 less permanent things. Snap. Get it together Aniston.

Guess what I’m going to do FIRST thing this thing is over? When Jacob is in remission? A TATTOO. And I know exactly what it’s going to look like and say. And I will embrace the pain. How can I complain of any pain seeing the pain Jacob endures everyday? I will embrace it.

I look forward to this day. Come!

I was just about to write about what flair is NOT. I had my position on flair. It was set in stone and there were certain things it could not be.

But after Greenwich, I learned that who am I to define flair? Maybe being in uniform is your flair. Who am I to judge you? AND You usually pick a jewel from the ocean. The jewel found deep within an organism. Strands of them!  I like the sea. That’s cool.  I dig it.

But, I still stick to my definition. Flair is an outside showcase of what you are about inside (even if it is matching).

So I want to document my flair right now, because I know one day it will change.

I will document it in pieces as each is its own story. I will write about each piece. Each piece.

So I can remember these pieces that I use to portray who I am to the outside world during this journey.

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