Plant a flag

We planted a flag.

Not an American one. That we just salute.

We said we were going to have a weekend. We said we were not going to need the hospital.

And we did it! We had a weekend.

I’m realizing that sometimes you just need to plant a flag. Say something out loud (even ridiculous things) and just show up and do it. 

 And you know what happens?! The journey becomes just as exciting. The exact journey you are nervous about or angry about (oh the traffic!). 

Life just becomes one big seaplane.

AND the bigger the idea, the better the journey. Don’t get me wrong. It will be terrible. There will be real lows, but the effort will pay off.

Example you ask?

How about the day we said aloud that we are putting a man on the moon. Now that was ridiculous!

On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy gave a historic speech before a joint session of Congress that set the United States on a course to the moon. HE just said it. That was it. He made it our destiny.

With this example, there is the obvious journey, the actual flight in space. But let’s even go past that. What about the journey to even get to lift off? What about that journey? That couldn’t have been easy.  All that WORK. All those departments of people working in unison. All that DEDICATION. 

And again the journey was full of wonders. In it we discovered the following:

The Dustbuster: this has proven useful

Thermal Blankets: are these the things we put over marathon runners when they come across the line? I think that is what that is. If so, alrighty. I sit this one out. I obstain. It could be argued that this only encourages bad behaviors. You know like running a marathon. Bad behavior. You remember Dana right? Bad.

Shock absorbers for bridges: this is a big thank you. Thank you NASA. Little confused about the timing. What about all the old bridges that still exist right now? Please write back would be interested in knowing. My friends are a bit OCD. I get it. Count me in.

Fireproof uniforms for firefighters: fuck yeah! Firefighters are heroes. How did THIS not exist before?

Vacuum sealed food: thank you for not food shopping every day.

And the list goes on. Just perks on this journey.

Here was one of our perks!



And I was caught with one too.

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