We are in Greenwich as in Connecticut.

This is my first time here. Greenwich had never been a destination that I was yearning to see, but it was the perfect destination for us. We need to be close to good hospitals and a close distance to New Rochelle where the boat is being docked. So Greenwich it is. 

We are attempting to have a “weekend.” We are planting flags. We are attempting to make memories outside of a hospital. Giving ourselves a weekend before a bigger month of all Mondays.

The good news is it turns out that Jacob is just angry anywhere. He doesn’t dislike the boat. This was a huge concern for us. Steve was really upset about that and so was I. This is literally the only object I NEED. I would live on this boat full time given the option.

He is just upset all the time and rightfully so. His red blood cells among others Are low. He is due for transfusions on Monday so he is feeling crummy, but he doesn’t roll into a ball. Oh no! He screams! He is all Lion and I will add King to his list of attributes, because the only way to soothe him is with gold. His gold being Amazon.

But he is taking his shots like a champ. Oddly, he chooses to go slowly. He wants to control the medicine and a shot that should take 3 seconds ends up taking an entire minute, but he wants to watch the medicine go into his skin bit by bit. This I don’t understand.

But we are vacationing in Greenwich.  Shots and all.

We attempted to go to “town.” It was adorable. And honestly, this place is like nothing I’ve ever seen. So much armor. So much. And all in uniform armor. You Greenwich people all stand united in what you wear. Are you an army of some sort? As you all wear the same thing and your children match! How is that freaking possible?! Matching children. I know first hand that none of your children match. I’ve worked with hundreds of families. Each child so unique, so different from their sibling, but yet here they all match and for the girls it requires a pattern of pink flowers.

Thesis, matching children must be born in Greenwich. 

Alrighty. Maybe its the water.

I know I don’t fit in. You know me with my no make-up, sweatpants, and my flair, but here I am a resident of Greenwich for the next two days. But respect Greenwich. I respect the uniformity. You are a community for sure. I salute you. Actually I think we physically did that. We did! lol. More on that later.

So we are exploring Greenwich and when I mean explore, I mean by sea. Here are my impressions. 

First off you are builders and seem to have a lot of time. Or at least a lot of space to spend time. The picture below is of one of your home that has 6 different green spaces, terraced of course (are you a fan of the Mayans?). Each terrace I would imagine requires a different cocktail. When we drove by I could feel your garden games. Was it pollo that you were playing? Steve said maybe you are just throwing money into the water to see who can throw paper farther. Maybe. That made me laugh. But seriously, what do you do with all that space and lawn?

And then we saw this one. Same thing, but, you got to love the fact that these people took it upon themselves to build a suspension bridge. I knew I was missing something in my life. Maybe the whole time it was my very own suspension bridge. 

We kept going and then we saw you Greenwich. We saw you as we bobbed in the water watching you set.

This was the Greenwich we prefer. Where your homes become specks and the world is just filled with refracted light.

And we took our first picture. God we have aged, but it’s a good sign that we were even willing to do it. That we were willing to document our lives right now.

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  1. Oh I love this post…
    And I’m glad to see your faces. I think they play corn hole on the lawn?

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