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Today I walked again. That is two for two! I even attempted a light jog (attempt is a key word here). BUT, take that cancer!

I am coming back.

And special bonus points as today was a hospital day. (just snapped in the air).

It was luckily a short visit. Jacob is getting shots now everyday. They are needed for an upcoming stem cell harvest.

Like every child, SHOTS are his worst nightmare. He was hysterical and right on cue…bring in the CLOWNS! There were the clowns. Thank you Good Humor for all that you do. You bring such joy to a place that can feel dark. You make a children’s cancer ward fill with magic. On behalf of all of us. Thank you.

While these shots are terrible. I’m learning lately the IDEA of reality is way worse than the ACTUAL reality. And with shots everyday…Jacob is going to learn this lesson at 5 years old. That’s pretty remarkable. 

Oh what will Jacob Brody be in our new life?

How will this transform him?

I know it will be remarkable, but my thoughts are with Benno. I need to write about Benno.

Because Benno is by far ahead of us all. 

He has transformed himself. I just bear witness.

He is an entrepreneur. I told you we would all work for Benno one day. I just didn’t think it would happen so soon. Today, I went to work. Benno put me (and others) to work.

Benno has always been a “collector.” That is the kindest way I can put it. He likes things. Lots of things. All the gear. Not just any gear, the “best,” which for Benno means the most expensive. He likes to shop. He wants to spend. This is hard for me, but its not totally crazy he is like that. He gets this from….STEVE!

This trait drives me crazy (in both of them). I am not like this. I prefer street jewelry over jewels and have started renting my clothes. The sharing economy just makes sense and why do I want to own these objects?! I can’t think of a good reason. I’m not a foodie and can’t tell the difference between expensive wine and cheap wine. I am not really a “wanter.” I have no interest in collecting shoes nor bags. No judgement for those who do, but this is not my thing.

However, my Benno, he wants! 

But in this new life those wants have changed. Benno has adapted. 

Benno has taken a new type of collection, CERTIFICATES!

Benno is now certified (via online) in basic first aid, CPR, and operating an AED. He has a certification card and everything. Please ask him. He would love to show you:)

Beaming with his certification, he wanted to put it to use. He decided to start a business. And when I came home he presented the following writing for me. This is not edited.

Hello hi I am the owner of rescue one Plus .There are free things we keep in mind in our rescue.

One plus services .

Nice employees fast service and cheaper Than  911. We are one of the only kids services in the world .

We are a paramedic service and we are simple and easy

I am CPR certified and my name is Benjamin Brody we would love your support to   RAISE MONEY FOR CANCER .

Again simple and easy and thank you for using rescue one plus as I said I am CPR certified. We do ambulance service and all of employees ride around in the bike to meet you. We are bike riders and ambulance riders thank you for using rescue one plus. 

He asked me to help him and in an hour he had an email address and phone number. But it became clear to him that he needed a promotional video. Of course you do!

Here it is.

And yes the phone number is real. I got him a flip phone. He is saving for a carry case. He would like to have it ready at all times. “You never know and this is life and death.”

A big shot out to the leading actress Janina Brodsky and the producer/cinematographer Jeannie Gaffigan. Truly a stellar cast and crew. A cast and crew who get Jacob. Who are warriors themselves.

And this is just the beginning. This is one of the four businesses he has started. I will spare you the entire list, but share my favorite online certificate he hopes to obtain is a hair styling and makeup application certificate. 

You can’t make this stuff up.

This new Benno has a wide range of passions from paramedics to beauty, but in the end they really are the same right?

He is trying to make the world a better/ more beautiful place.


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  1. Sounds like he’s going to have A LOT to talk about when he goes back to school! Go Benno! Thrilled to hear Jacob’s treatments are bringing positive results!

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