You came again.

No news here. We wait.

Jacob is already home, but Steve and I refuse to leave without looking at that scan. So hospital waiting room day it is.

Trying to keep my mind on more pleasant things and luckily I have a good memory from last night. 

Last night was rough. I was so worried about being able to sleep. I was caught up on all seasons of Bachelor in Paradise. How was I to sleep? How was I going to busy my mind?!!!!

And as predicted the playa provided. Oh yes, it did.

The TV just started singing. It was a love song to me. A lullaby of sorts. It came in the form of “dada dadada chu chu dadadadadada.” (I wish I could embed sound- this is a terrible attempt). The song even ended with a twirl at the end. I do like to twirl.

90210 is back.

Oh yes, it is.

WHAT?! When did this happen?! 

This was not planned. I stumbled upon it. When I went to apple TV. It was the top billing. It was recommended! It was there waiting for me.

I looked at Steve and he nodded. “Well this looks like a disaster. Perfect.”

Disaster it oddly was not. Well…that depends on how you rate disaster. I swear I could not predict the next moment. It was nothing I would expect, it was more. It was plain amazingness of ridiculousness.

And 90210 has saved me before. 

This was the second time.

When I moved to NYC from Minnesota…it was traumatic. To say the least!

I left my Episcopalian Minnesotan school to Dalton on the Upper East Side. I went from red and plaid uniform to NYC non-uniform, where all of sudden your jean brand mattered. I went from Minnesota accents to people who spoke with a dialect that was too fast to even understand. And I met Jews! I didn’t know there were so many of them before. I went from the minority to the majority in just a day.

I was the new kid and I had my lunchroom moment. You know the stereotypical one from every coming of age movie? The new kid carrying a tray looking for a place to sit. It went like this.

“Can I seat here?”

“Are you new?” 

“Yes” (mind you still standing with tray)

“Where are you from?” 

“Minnesota.” (still standing)


“Minnesota, you know where Brenda and Brandon are from.”  (I’m still standing with tray)

“Sure you can sit.”

THANK YOU 90210. You granted me access. You granted me friendship.

You are the ultimate friend and here you are showing up when I needed you most (again). And you really went over the top for me. It’s a MOCKUMENTARY! You know how much I love those. 

You all have to watch it. This I know about. We can jam about this. I don’t know much else happening in your world.

I mean I can’t be making up what I saw. Right? It was so ridiculous. Andrea had a female encounter and Kelley sleeps with Brandon. Please watch and confirm these memories.

And I really fell in love with Tori Spelling. I never thought that sentence would come out of my mouth. As it is a mockumentary, they all make fun of themselves, but she just went over the top. And they asked the question we all have been thinking: “How is she broke?! How is that possible?!”

It was fun seeing all the old friends. I was especially excited to see you Brian, as in the Austin Green one. You were always my favorite. I never liked any of the girl characters. Never identified with them. Not one, but you, I identified with. You danced. You were kind. And by the way you look GOOD.

New list.

#1 Steve Brody

#2 Mike Rowe

#3 Brian Austin Green

And then Tori spoke at the end of the episode and said this (I seriously rewound to get the quote right). And this time it had nothing to do with her virginity.

“Maybe going back is just what we all need to move forward.”

I think you may be on to something there Ms. Spelling. I hope I can count on you in the fight I’m having. I once supported you. You remember? “Donna Martin Graduates!” I was chanting right by your side sister!

So thank you 90210 for always being there. For gifting me friendship when I needed it the most, including last night.

And I will wait with you. I will replay your antics in my head as I wait.

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