A left turn

So it’s a legit arsenal. 

Like seriously. Big. Lots. Huge. Everywhere.

Nerf guns. Everywhere. BIG guns. This shit is fucked up. 

Here is just a shot of the couch, because I am too tired to line up the collection.

Those are two, but there are oh so many more. So many.

I wasn’t going to write about it, but I’m thinking about it AND it just dawned on me that you may enter my home. Actually I KNOW you will come to my home and you have to be ready for a freakstorm.

Our living space consists of a couch! Thank you lord! Yes a couch and we love it. We have a kitchen table, a whiteboard, boxes, boxes, a ladder (adored with shooting targets), 2 wagons, an electric scooter, electric bike, and a stroller, a candelabra, A buddha, and a steal casted ant farm (#noantsinjuredinthisart). 

That’s it.

And amongst all of that.

Yes all of that. (which we do love). #thankful. Doing my homework over here. Credit to be given right here. trying lord.

It’s a fucking war zone.

An arsenal of NERF guns. I’m going to say this again. NERF guns, but still I hear ya. bad timing. 

 One cross bow, shotgun, gapwing gun (what the fuck is that?!). 

I’m serious.

In my house. My house.

Jacob is even doing target practice. 

I woke up to this.

Scary shit, but awesome too. Like oh hello. This moment needs to be captured. This is an original. Truly original. Wasn’t forecasting that this morning.

He loves war.

Wonder Woman, he rated up there high among Bat Man vs. Superman. 

Benno at first was cringing with me, but then he is totally into it.

And I when I mean into it…I mean into the “gear.”

You know the flair? 

He loves the stuff. The uniforms, the cleats, the racket, the golf glove, he has to have the gear. But now he is rocking it and making shots. Rocking a new haircut too. Got himself a hair dryer and comb. I kid you not. He has gel. I do not kid.

And put that all together? 

He’s a ninja.

A red neck ninja.

That describes it right? He is half ninja and half “America Fuck Yeah” (South Park’s version).

I mean the scarf. 

When he walked up the stairs I was like, hello! This. This I need a picture of. 

And here I am in this crazy movie. I just didn’t quite see this one coming. You know the life I planned? 

This whole my kids being gun, weapons, just war-obsessed

That was a real left turn.

But here the fuck we are.

Gearing up.

Ready for battle with two real generals at the helm.

And I just tried one of them. I got 4 cups down. Not shabby. I will continue to practice.


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