The world is a mysteriously beautiful place

Today was an incredible day. One to be written. One to be retold.

I hope you are having one too. I hope you are feeling the high that I’m feeling. I wish this for you, all of you.

And of course, it was never planned, this high. It was never planned. I wasn’t even supposed to have this day, but there I was.

This is living in the NOW. When you don’t know where you will be in the next hour, there can be such uncertainty that you don’t feel like your feet touch the ground. You don’t feel stable. BUT at the very same time you have moments of clarity where the world feels SO certain. I never wish this experience on anyone, but I do wish you could feel just a second of it. Taste it. To understand the suffering, but also the BEAUTY. 

And today I feel such a sense of security. I know that sounds insane. How can one feel secure in my situation, but today I do, and will I write about it. 

I write about it so I can read it. To remember.

Remember this: The world is a mysteriously beautiful place.

I am certain of this.

Last night  I had this overwhelming feeling of need.  There are some ladies I need to see. I need to get to Bridge Hampton tomorrow and I CAN. It is day 7, but Jacob looks great. I have somewhere I have to be. 

Why Bridge Hampton?

Well some women of incredible valor were taking time away from their time, to reach out to mine and Jacob’s. A woman with a heart of gold and the complexion of a goddess appeared in white (you know who you are) and hosted a Challah Segulah. It is a Jewish ritual for healing. It requires 40 people. Or maybe 42. There is a number, but I’m not so hung up on the “number.” For me it was thought that was so powerful. The idea of people coming from all walks of life, busy walks of life, stopping and doing something as ONE and for the benefit of another. 

A pure selfless act. The highest level of love one can give. 

Today people gave the gift of their most precious thing, themselves. Their love. All for Jacob. 

And that gift is powerful. It can make miracles happen. It is already working. Today Jacob went in to the hospital to get his “counts” and it was the first time he didn’t need a transfusion of some sort. He has another day to play and tomorrow too!  Such a gift.

The challah baking was was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  I have traveled all over the world, but here it was right in the backyard of a dear friends home. The most beautiful thing.

I thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for making the world better today not just for Jacob, but for all of us. It felt good right?! Right?! Felt good to be a community. Felt good to unite. Let’s do it more often. Next time for celebration.

So thank you on behalf of Jacob. He will thank you all in return at his bar-mitzvah, wedding, and when he wins the nobel peace prize (hey a girl can dream!). 

I wish you all a day as blessed as mine.

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  1. I’m so happy today was a good day! I wish I could have been there to make challah with you and participate in this beautiful event. I hope this blessed day continues!

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