Today I went on a Seaplane. That was the only way to make it the challah baking. I had to fly and dive. Geez! But I had ladies to see. So off I went. Didn’t think twice. 

And like everything I’m learning, the journey is just as important as the destination. I didn’t think much of the journey waking up this morning. I was thinking of the event, thinking being there, but living in the now forces me to be present for everything like it is the first time.

This is a big part of the sailors creed. We love the “sail” as much as the port.

And the sail was just as powerful as the event in many ways.

It confirmed another truth that I need to remember. This one I steal: 

“The playa will provide.” 

This is a burning man concept. The idea that your needs will be met in the “playa” the land, the community. Basically, the idea is if we all take care of each other, no one will want or hurt. This is also the foundation of every major religion, “love thy neighbor as thyself.” If we all treat each other as we would like to be treated, you will be safe and have no fears as there will always be someone to catch you. Wait! You wouldn’t even need catching. You can’t “fall.”

And I know this to be true as I keep having these “coincidences.”  People popping up out of no where who I need. Sometimes, I didn’t even know I needed them, but POP there they are. There they are.

Like today POP. All those ladies. POP. POP. POP. POP. 

And the journey was just the same.

It started on the ride there. The person that popped was there to be my guide. He planned to be there. He knew that I shouldn’t fly alone. He knew that the seaplane could be scary. He explained every bump and swerve. He even could fly the plane if needed. He was there to calm me. I didn’t even know I needed calming, but there he was. POP. Playa provided.

Then on the journey back, when I thought the journey was ending, it was really just beginning. POP.  I ran into someone that I had not seen in years. Years. Someone that fell off the radar of my life. And it was like talking to someone who had all the thoughts that I was thinking. And he has never read my blog. That I’m sure of, but there he was talking about all the things I’ve been writing about, even things I’ve only been thinking about. Often using the same language, language that I thought I invented.  And I never knew this about this person. In prior years he was “quiet.” Introverted. Don’t get me wrong, he was fun and I adored him, but you could never “know” him. He didn’t share much. But here he was, sharing.

It was confirming.


Playa provided. 

This I knew I needed. I needed confirmation.

As I question. I wonder if all of the things I’m learning is just some manic fairytale of a mother in desperation. That maybe I’m making the entire experience of these POPS up in my head. Maybe I’m “reading into things.”

I keep looking up and reading about perception bias out of this concern. I know this is real documented thing. I was a psych major. 

 Am I seeing things because I want to see things? I am constantly checking for perception bias. That is why I keep accurate notes. Notes for me. I am approaching my discoveries from research, observation, and openness. Sometimes even snapping a pic for proof later. A reminder. Then I write them down.  I write them here.

But I know they are real. This is not in my head. I read my blogs and I remember. It all comes back. The blogs are so accurate. I can go right back to the time and place. And I have been fortunate enough that all these experiences are with another or others. Every POP. Every moment of clarity is because of others or with others. 

They bring confirmation.

The playa provides. 

The playa provides. 

Who will POP next? 

That I don’t know, but I know it will be exactly what I need.

I trust that. I trust the playa.

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