I almost missed it, but he made me look up.

Recently I’m on my phone more than ever. Reading. Reading. Reading. 

Steve had to yell, look! And it got my attention.

Right there on a building. Peace = Heart squared.

I love it.

I love its simplicity, but also its complexity.

I love that it isn’t: Peace = heart. I could see that being a possible choice, but no, there is a square.

Square is a perfect number. It can never be negative, even if it started that way, it will spiral its way to the positive. It’s a mathematical certainty. When drawn it is equal on all sides. It is perfection. Symmetrical perfection. Everything working in harmony.

This was a choice of the artist. It is not just a multiple of self (heart x 2, heart x 6), but the power of uniting with the power of itself, the number itself. The square. 

The power of connection.  It’s exponential. It grows at rapid speeds.

Right? The feeling of love? The feeling of being on a team? The feeling of passing to someone who scores the basket? It isn’t just more it is exponential feeling? Its bigger than just you.

It brings me back to teaching third grade at Allen-Stevenson. 

I used to teach the political parties to third graders. I designed this unit where I would put the students into groups and they would need to become a political party. They would have to pick a name, a symbol, and 2 issues, a platform that they stood for. 

Prior to that task, I explained the current parties, their names, their symbols, but most importantly, THE WHY. Why they exist. I took a pencil (a brand new one) and I broke it in half. That was unexpected. Teachers don’t usually go around breaking school property. I asked all the students to do the same. Many were a bit nervous about it. Some jumped right in, but they were demanded to break them. Then I gave each of them two pencils. I told them to break them again. The only rule being you had to break them at the same time and they struggled. They couldn’t do it. 

And I asked them why?

Thus the lesson. I never explained the power of numbers. They discovered it themselves.

The power of numbers is invincibility. You are unbreakable. 

It can even bring peace and HEALING. I do think that is possible. But it is only when everyone goes into with heart. 

The result?

Exponential love. 

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