A night out with the Tepperbergs

I like to dance. I like a good night out. Not much of a drinker, but I am a dancer. And before my days as an elementary school principal, I frequented many of the Tepperbergs’ venues (Jet East being my favorite) and I danced, unlike the others that were too “cool.”

Last night I didn’t dance. It wasn’t that type of event, but there was your name right there on the screen. The Tepperberg family. One of the largest supporters of the Band of Parents. There you were and it made me smile. 

I love the idea of you giving in this way. You can do plenty with your spaces, resources and time, but you choose to help cure children’s cancer. 

Fuck yeah.

When all of this over, I’m going out. To one of YOUR venues. 

I’m going to get bottles and bottles. I’m going to make the place blow up with sparklers. I will be the oldest person there, but I will be dancing. I hope this doesn’t bring down the “cool” factor. I promise to play it cool.

I’m looking forward to a night out with the Tepperbergs. This will be quite the night. A night to celebrate Jacob and your family, friends to all of these children who all just want to dance, but lay instead.

So let’s dance for all of them!

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