I went out

Today I went out. 

I didn’t want to go out. 

No, I did not.

It was the LAST thing I wanted to do. I even had to get dressed nice. I had to put a comb through my hair. But I went, because life is about showing up. I’m learning that. It’s about fucking showing up. Being there. Being physically there, not digitally. Social media does NOT count. You have to go. Be present. 

I went to the Band of Parents event.

To thank all the parents that came before us and to be bear witness to all the kids that did. I stood in a room and heard stories of triumph and stories that made my heart start to pound. I met my fellow warriors. 

I took off my sweatpants and I went. I went. And it was not an easy day. 

I remember all the nights I would “skip” events. I was just so tired after a day of work. 

Well, try spending 12 hours in a hospital and learning that your child will be having a month of hell, and then putting on a dress and standing in front of strangers. Try it.

But I did it. 

I showed the fuck up.

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