The news

The news somehow gets to me. It is hard to ignore your world as the tragedies are so loud.

I heard about two mass shootings. That is all I know. I don’t know death count or details of the shooters/events. I know nothing more than they occurred. And I’m not going to learn. 

I have to watch my media intake. I learned that recently the hard way.

I’ve always been sensitive, but now the weight of the world just feels too heavy. It feels suffocating. To add more ugly in a world that is already full of sick kids who have done nothing wrong is more than a person can take.

But, I mourn with all of you. I mourn the failure of humanity. The failure of all of us. 

There are a lot of battles in our future. Battles our children will have to RUN into. They will have no choices, they will have to fight. They will have no luxury of “debate.”

Instead, they will pay the burden of our debates. All the years of us running in place, nothing changing, just the “names” changing of the splintered voices saying the same thing, but needing to say it THEIR way. Generation Z and digital natives (or my favorite name for digitals “ the plurals”) will be facing consequences too dire. They will fight.

And honestly, I’m not sure what form that fight will be in at this point. 

I hope it is a unification. 

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