Thank you teachers

A note of deep appreciation to all of Jacob’s morahs, profes, and teachers that have come to his bedside. Each of you have come. Today was the topper, Jacob’s TWO’s teacher was right next to him for hours.  Yes, Jacob’s teacher when he was two came today.

 It is in moments like these that you really appreciate teachers. How they make the world a bit brighter. I know they made our day brighter today. It was like they knew today would be hard and 3 of them just showed up!  All of them coming over the summer, their respite. Some coming on their birthdays or with newborns at home that are 8 weeks old (and that was her SIXTH child). All coming to bring joy to Jacob. 

Thank you teachers. 

I know you don’t hear that enough.


Please know that we will always be there for you in return.

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