My pickup truck

I finally drove my car.

Right before Jacob’s diagnosis, I got a new car. I bought myself a pickup truck. This is an odd choice as I don’t have much to “pick up.” I don’t really have a need for such a vehicle, but it cried out adventure. The minute Steve showed it to me, I was sold. This I must have.

So I finally drove it after owning it for 2 months. This was exciting and the idea of driving felt so freeing. I would drive for 2 hours alone and just be like every car sitting in traffic. I was going to do the mundane. I miss the mundane. 

And I drove down the highway at full speed thinking about all the things I could pick up.

I could help friends move! I could put furniture back there. I could pick up bikes! We could go biking riding with our families. 

I just kept picking you up. 

All the people I’ve collected over the years. I was picking you up for various reasons. Some were to go to dinner, a specific restaurant. Some to go to the doctor. Some for frozen yogurt. Some were to see a specific show. I had a unique adventure for each of you/us. 

I am certain through research and my own observations that coincidences are not real. I now know that each person and circumstance thrown into your life has a purpose, even if it is to frustrate the hell out of you. Or sometimes they are just thrown in there to introduce you to someone else who doesn’t. But it is up to you to find that purpose. That is on you.

So I drove 2 hours, picking up all the people and taking them somewhere in my mind. I got to hear their stories. I got to learn from them. I found the purpose in all of you. 

By the end of the ride, I was like one of those trucks coming across the border, full of people! Terrible analogy. I apologize.  I’m not a human trafficker. I promise. But this was the image that was in my head and I want to remember this correctly. 

But unlike that image, there was no humanitarian emergency. We didn’t feel squished and weren’t scared. No one even had to pee. We were off to adventure!

And I drove down the highway. Never running out of names. I kept listing for 3 hours (back and forth). It was nice.

I like my pick up truck.  Turns out I do have a need for it.

I hope to pick you up soon.

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