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I got a text when Jacob was the sickest we have seen him. I couldn’t really enjoy it. I was just so down that the differential in my happiness scale was negligible.

But I’m home and just hanging with my “hubby” (as Seko would say) and we watched the video and it made us so happy. Thank you Laura. Thank you so much. Benno so loves you and your boys. We all do. You are our family.

At first were surprised Benno choose to raise for both hospitals. Both NYU and Sloan. I get it Benno. Thank you for reminding me. I know it’s not the “same,” but Steve did cancer. I need to remember this and thank you for reminding me.

So, look at this world whenever you are feeling down. 

AND!! I told Benno about Band of Parents and he’s all in. We are going to invest in state of the art theories in cancer. We are interested in backing horses (any hospital/University) if merited. We are especially focused on CAR-T trials and helping with current trials in bi-specific get through the phases, to get to patients faster. We want to cure cancer. This is the race we are all in.

So $482.13 is where we start. Not bad boys. That is one miraculous lemonade stand. Thank you Apple Pay. 

And miracles haven’t stopped as today we end with Jacob being DISCHARGED!! He had a remarkable night. His white blood cells are back up. We’re going home!! We get 3 days with him before it starts again and we will cherish them.

Thank you all. Keep praying over there!

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  1. This was so awesome I love these boys! “Cash, Apple Pay & Credit” I wish I would have walked past this lemonade stand!! I’m quietly cheering them on

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