The weaker species, adults

Turns out he’s bridable. I got a night off for $100. That was how much it cost to have grandma sleepover without mom. A crisp Franklin.

Last night I was “off” and went home to sleep. I slept 10 hours. This is exactly 7.5 more hours than I have slept in the past week and what do I get for it? A runny nose. 

The body is a incredible thing. I know understand how people survive prisons, camps, and more. They never leave survival mode. They are constantly fighting to live. And the body’s number one job is to live. Isn’t that what evolution has proven us, that it’s about SURVIVAL of the fittest? Or thought differently, not going extinct. Maybe that’s why we have lasted so long. Humans can survive anything. The human body even survives poison, even chemo. We are pretty remarkable. Us and roaches, the survivable species!

But the minute you stop fighting to survive. The minute you take a bath and put your head on your pillow, your body goes into rest mode, and you are rewarded with, a runny nose. 

And now I wear a mask. I wear a mask all day long. I’m not really supposed to be here. I’m not just a risk to Jacob, I’m a risk to everyone so I’m waiting to be swapped out. So soon I will be exiled from here. Exiled from Jacob.

The good news is Jacob is a survivor, he is the fittest. He knows no way of resting. He is five and the world is just a wonder. Going to bed is nothing he looks forward to, it is something he protests. He has too much to see and do. So while they pour poison in his veins he fights back like Nightwing would. Always ready.

While, us, adults, weaker creatures, get runny noses. 

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